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Lot 223

Wash System

Plaforization Wash System � A Single Stage metal Pretreatment technology specifically designed to clean and phosphate (organic) metal surfaces in a single operation at Room Temperature; Enclosure � Sides, Top and Conveyor - 16 Ga 304 SST; Floor - 12 GA. 304 SST Sawtooth style draining plumbed back to reservoir tank; Reservoir Tank � 10� x 7�8� x 3/16� 304 SST (115 Gallons); 500 GPM 10 HP Vertiflo 316 SST Pump; Part Size Capacity: Maximum part cross section � 60 W x 80� H (part design length: 72�); Chemical Spec. - B200 solution treats at room temp., will not dry at ambient temperature (Dsgn. Ref. Only); Chemical is filtered and recycled.� Tank solution periodically analyzed and adjusted (Dsgn. Ref. Only); Substrates treated � Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Zinc Galv. Steel & Aluminum (no silicon) (Dsgn. Ref. Only); Not recommended for treatment of metal surfaces with high amounts of stubborn soils (Dsgn. Ref. Only); Wash - 1 min. flow coat (low pressure) � 3 min. drip-off before blow-off (Dsgn. Ref. Only); Blow-off is currently manual if rqd.� Future addition of Air Knife system was considered. (Dsgn. Ref. Only); Plaforization gives temporary protection against corrosion to steel surfaces pretreated but not painted. (Dsgn. Ref. Only); No Plaf. chemical Included with system; Wash System is NOT complete � no testing has been performed, reservoir tank was never filled.